I hope  you are not forgetting – Mother's Day is coming this Sunday, May 10th.   We wanted to do something special here at the radio ranch, along with long time sponsor - ProFlowers.com.  Here's what we came up with

All this coming week, I have been commissioned to create a song for 1 mother each day.   However, I can't do this out of thin air. I need information – almost the same way as I need information for Your Town Thursday and every other fun thing we do.

If you give me your mother's name, and at least 10 facts – funny, serious or a combination,  I will get the creative juices flowing ( I'm referring to the coffee I'm going to need to write the song that early in the morning)  If she has a favorite song or artist, I may even be able to do a parody of that tune.   The song will air on our morning show at a time to be announced.

For every submission that I pick, that special mama will also win a fabulous gift -a $50 gift certificate from ProFlowers.  (Here is an actual arrangement from them that we have at home)


photo by Richie Phillips

Send your info right away to richie1077@gmail.com.  If you have a picture of her, send it along!  I will repost the song on the website if she happens to miss it.   Thanks, and happy Mother's Day!