Well, our first College Week stop was a ton of fun at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy.  There was a little of everything - music, games, students who dropped by - the whole 9.  The only thing missing?  A theme song. So I gave it a shot

I guess it's no big surprise that I'm a huge parody fan.  I was straining my brain as I sat there at the keyboard during our broadcast.   Then it suddenly hit me.  Valley rhymes with HAPPY.  Well, kinda.  Close enough.  Why not do a parody of "Happy" by Pharrell Williams?  Hmmm.  Will it work?  Who knows?  I never know until I'm finished, but I gave it the old "college try".

We also had some of the students become part of the chorous, and sang it live without even a dry run first.  I want to thank them for joining in ( I hope we didn't make them late for class)

Yes, I know.  I sounded exactly like Pharrell when I sang it.  Hey, it's a gift.

But seriously folks, I hope to be able to do a theme  for each of the remaining colleges that we visit next week.   Here's the schedule

                 Monday 5/4 - Russell Sage College 

    Tuesday 5/5 - SCCC

    Wednesday 5/6- UALBANY

   Thursday 5/7 -  RPI 

 Here's your assignment, students - try to find us there and join the fun.  We'll be on campus from 5:30 to 10:00 each day.   Here's the information