When the weather is like this all I think of is ice cream. I want to know what kinds I can get and where is the closest place I can find it. Now thanks to one of my favorite places in Schenectady, I can have ice cream delivered to my house.

Bumpy's Polar Freeze on Upper State Street in Schenectady has begun delivering soft-serve and scooped hard cream to customers within 3 miles. They won't deliver the bumper boats to your house but you will be able to have delicious ice cream and not have to leave your backyard.

The service has been running low-key for about two weeks but already getting good reviews. Bumpy's bought three freezers  which will be chilled in the morning and able to keep a perfect ice cream temperature in the back seat of a car. According to The Daily Gazette, They can't yet deliver actual ice cream cones but if my only inconvenience is that I have to cone your own ice cream, I'll get over that fast. Especially since they're going to be delivering their hot food as well.

All you have to do is call Bumpy's or order online, tell them what you want and you pay via credit card. I may have to try that this Memorial Day weekend!

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