October has passed and so have our 4th Annual Capital District High School Hunger Games presented by SEFCU, but the need for food continues as we head into the Holiday Season.

As we collect all the food from our 10 high schools who were collecting donations for the Food Pantries For the Capital District, we have all been so impressed by how great our high schools did. We have been weighing thousands and thousands of pounds of food as we determine our Hunger Games winner, and based on all the food we raised, the real winner will be the Food Pantries For the Capital District. 

But as we wrap up the Hunger Games (Brought to you by the US Marines and Albany Med Emergent Care), the need for food continues. The Food Pantries provide groceries for 2.7 million meals annually. Yes, that was 2.7 MILLION. So you can imagine the need for donations and volunteer help never ends.

So if the great group of high schoolers involved in the Hunger Games have inspired you, why not take it one step further by donating food or your time? You can donate food, or money. For just $1 the Food Pantries can purchase  over 6 lbs. of food! Or organize a food drive where you work or where you live. The great part is when you donate, you are helping your neighbors, those living right here in our communities.

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