Here's a throwback post to a few years ago when during the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea  Chrissy and I went to the Albany Curling Club to see what the hype was all about and if it was as hard as it looks.

"Well there's an Olympic sport I could do," said every single person who watched curling during the Olympics. The truth is, you could do a little curling; we all can!  The question is, would you be any good at it? Chrissy, Jess, and I decided to find out, and while it's really fun, it's a lot harder than it looks.

Donning my sweet yellow-crested cardigan and special curling hat complete with a fuzzy red ball on top and tassels, I ventured over to the Albany Curling Club with my radio cohorts to try my hand at this Olympic sport that looks so easy to do.  Oh, I also wanted to shout things like "hard, sweep, go, yeah, and make me a sandwich!"

TSM Albany
Chrissy tried Curling at the Albany Curling Club

curl 1

Kirstie Fanning and the rest of the crew at the Albany Curling Club could not have been more accommodating, patient, or gracious as our Hog Line hosts. Yes, curling is a lot harder than it looks.  It requires balance, lots of core and leg strength, and good eyesight.  And of course, a cool curling hat (with a fuzzy red ball and tassels) because if you can't do the sport very well, you gotta at least look the part.

Here's the throwback video from February 2018, when we tried our hands (and knees and lower back) at Curling, the Olympic sport "sweeping" the nation.


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