There has been so much loss throughout this pandemic and none more than with the elderly in the Capital Region. The Department for Aging has launched the Albany County Quarantine and Memorial Quilt Project. It is an effort to have families and friends of loved ones who have lost someone to COVID-19 to express themselves about the pandemic while honoring those they have lost.

Quilts have always been such a beautiful way to represent and display emotions and feelings about loved ones we have lost or are living. I have seen quilts made from old jerseys of past sports teams that children have worn. Someone made a quilt for a relative of mine made out of all of the flannel shirts that he used to wear and he was known for. Whatever the quilts are made from, they always carry love and memories.

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Now there is a quilt that you can be a part of even if you don't know how to sew or how to make one. In an effort to express yourself about the pandemic or memorialize a loved one you lost during the pandemic, the Albany County Department of Aging wants you to add a square to their Quarantine and Memorial Quilt.

There are certain guidelines you must follow to submit your design. It must be done in a diamond shape and no larger than 5.75". You can be as creative as you like. It can be just a simple design or you can use different fabrics, markers, embroidery, beads, appliques, and more. You are encouraged to tell your own story through your quilt square.

According to, the quilt squares must be submitted by April 10th. You can get more information on the Albany County Department for Aging by clicking HERE.

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