Superfan Worries COVID May Ketchup W/Bills Fans-No Condiment Show
Another event has been canceled because of COVID. This time it's a time-honored tradition at Buffalo Bills tailgates. One of Bills Mafia's superfans says he is not going to go through with his condiment showers anymore in the parking lot in Orchard Park before the Buffalo Bills home games.
This Weekend COVID Died & I Went to Baseball Heaven
We took a trip to Long Island this weekend for a baseball tournament that my son was in. We didn't quite know what to expect. Not only at the baseball tournament but in the new "normal" COVID world. What we encountered were a different type of people we met and a whole new way of livi…
Stewart's New Flavor Celebrates COVID Decline
Stewart's ice cream is amazing. Not only are all of their flavors delicious, but they come up with some pretty clever names for their creamy concoctions. This time they are celebrating the fact that COVID cases are declining and restrictions are easing up. Their latest ice cream flavor is calle…
My Mom's Birthday-What a Difference One Year Makes
My mom turns 76 today and what a year it has been. Not only during COVID but my mom has been through some crazy things this year too. As I look back on the year, it all started with a surprise drive-by parade and we had no idea if or when we would be able to celebrate again.
Healing Through Stitches-Albany County COVID Quilt Project
There has been so much loss throughout this pandemic and none more than with the elderly in the Capital Region. The Department for Aging has launched the Albany County Quarantine and Memorial Quilt Project. It is an effort to have families and friends of loved ones who have lost someone to COVID-19 …

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