Local theater owners have seen a steady decline in patrons so they are trying to push a bill that would make it more desirable for people to come to the movies.Brewery groups, local officials and business owners are hoping that having a drink a the movies will bring more people through the doors. They argue that restaurants, comedy clubs and other entertainment venues offer alcohol, why not the movies and local officials agree.

There would be regulations and stipulations involved. The staff would be trained for serving alcohol and looking for signs that the patron has had too much. Also, there would be a limit to one drink at a time. But they would be able to bring it inside the theater.

Advocates for the bill say that they have the best deterrent because the movie goers will get a drink before the movie starts and then stay and watch the movie. They won't get another drink because they won't want to miss the movie.

Currently two bills are being discussed and they have yet to come to the floors of the senate and the assembly floors for a vote.

Would you want to see alcohol as an option at the movies?

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