Just South of Washington D.C., in the town of Woodbridge, VA, Toby Keith opened another in his chain of restaurants, I Love This Bar and Grill, on Dec. 15.

On the door of the new establishment was a sign that asked patrons not to bring weapons inside the restaurant.

Photo by Ethan Miller/WireImage
Photo by Ethan Miller/WireImage

Virginia is an open carry state, which means that gun carriers are allowed to carry their guns proudly anywhere except a private residence or business with it's own ban.

Some folks are outraged by the policy, while others are thankful.  And, I'm sure there is a hearty portion of the population that really doesn't care.

It's important to note that while Keith pulls in around $12 million from his restaurants yearly, his involvement varies with each.

Toby Keith has always been forthcoming with his political stance, and some fans are waiting to hear what he personally has to say about this policy.

As you may remember, Starbucks recently came forth to ban firearms in all of their stores.

What do you think of the ban?

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