A Saratoga Springs elementary school went on lockout Wednesday morning after police responded to a potentially dangerous incident in which  a 24-year-old man was pointing a gun at people in the backyard of a residency near the school.

According to a story from News Channel 13, Joseph Koren was brought to charges on Wednesday morning after an incident in which he pointed a gun at people who were in their backyard.  According to the report, Koren refused to be compliant with law enforcement and even tried to flee the scene.

Police eventually found the the loaded gun, a .38 caliber handgun, in a nearby yard and found their guy as well, seeking cover in a flower bed on the lawn of a nearby house according to News Channel 13. 

The incident rattled a community and because of it's close proximity to Geyser Road Elementary, and time of the day,  school officials and police decided to ultimately keep busses away while putting the school on lockdown, and then lockout according to the report.


Koren faces multiple charges of criminal weapon possession, possession of stolen property as well as evidence tampering and resisting arrest.


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