Quick, before they're gone! Get yourself one of the last of its kind!

Starting March 1st, plastic bags will be no more. We've been preparing for this for months now and before we know it, they'll be gone. Stewart's Shops decided to take that change and turn it into collector's items.

If you go to Stewart's Shops before March 1, unless they've run out of them already, you can get yourself a free Stewart's collector's item in their plastic bags. The bag itself says "I'm one of the last Stewart's bags (Collector's Item). By March 1, 2020, I will be replaced by paper and reusable bags. Please reuse me!"

Whether or not these bags will actually be collector's items, we'll have to wait and see. Either way, it's a brilliant marketing plan and I know I may keep this one around longer than most - just in case.

Imagine finding this tucked away with your old PlayStation and Instant Pot, telling your future grandkids that "back in the day" we put everything in plastic bags. It'll be like a fossil. Plus, who knows, it may be worth money in, the future, right? If someone will buy a piece of toast with a picture of a religious figure, someone will probably spend money on this bag.

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