A Vermont Senator has introduced a bill that would make it illegal for anyone under 21 to own or use a cell phone.

According to a Times Argus report, legislation has been introduced that would make possession or use of a cell phone under the age or 21 punishable by law. Fines up to $1000 and a year and jail could be levied!

If you are asking why this was introduced, the Argus quotes the bill which says"...cellphone use while driving is one of the leading killers of teenagers...(and)... young people use cellphones frequently to bully and threaten each other, something that has been linked to suicides."

I know, sounds crazy right? But it's true, and even the Senator who introduced this bill knows it has the slimmest of chances of becoming a law. Senator John Rogers told the Times Argus he created the bill to "...make a point."

I am kind in the middle when it comes to lawmakers legislating what we can and cannot do. I agree with some of these laws, disagree with others. Some aspects of this do make sense; disconnecting younger people from what can be a nasty digital world may have some protective benefits. But don't they also need to learn how to navigate the positives and negatives of a digital world that will still exist after they turn 21?

This issue comes down to parenting and moms and dads teaching their kids to do the right thing and treating others well. Those golden rules apply to any platform of communication!

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