Green-Friendly Governor Banning All The Things
I woke up from a mid-afternoon nap to see yet a few more things that Governor Cuomo is banning, or least attempting to ban.  Vaping, plastic straws, plastic bags (to name a few) and now Styrofoam are all part of the Dandy Andy's plan.  It's a massive push to make New York a 'greener' state and I for…
Should We Ban Plastic Shopping Bags? [RESULTS]
I posed the question yesterday - should we ban plastic shopping bags?
I've seen articles popping up everywhere about it and in Central New York, they'll be the first in the state to put this law to the test. But, how will it change the shopping experience? Is it truly necessary?
Local Center Helps UAlbany Student with Immigration Trouble
I understand that emotions are very high right now and to some it could be rightfully so. Trumps orders to ban immigration has a lot of people citizens and immigrants worried about what the future may bring. Especially, to a nation that already seems so divided.
Montreal Bans Pit Bulls: Should Capital Region Towns Do the Same?
Apparently the dangerous reputation of the pit bull is just too much for the city of Montreal!
The City Counsel of Montreal has voted in favor of a bylaw created by the city's mayor that will outlaw the acquisition of any pit-bull type dogs starting next week, and impose strict and cos…

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