I woke up from a mid-afternoon nap to see yet a few more things that Governor Cuomo is banning, or least attempting to ban.  Vaping, plastic straws, plastic bags (to name a few) and now Styrofoam are all part of the Dandy Andy's plan.  It's a massive push to make New York a 'greener' state and I for one am all for a cleaner, greener New York for our children and our animals.  While Governor Cuomo (who some will argue has become Governor No-No) continues to be quite the polarizing figure, I don't think he's wrong here; especially with plastic straws and Styrofoam which he hopes to outlaw in 2022.

I've watched documentaries and read stories about all the plastic and foamy crap that they pull out of the ocean that is nearly impossible to destroy.  As much as I hate paper straws, I've gotten used to them because my heart breaks every time I see sea-lion pup or even a massive whale tangled up in our waste.  Our blatant disregard for other life forms we share this planet has finally caught up to us, and something needs to change.  Call me a 'snowflake' or whatever the term is for someone who gets emotional, I'll take my lumps here.  When it comes to wildlife, our beautiful planet and innocent creatures, that's my stance and how I feel.  I'll suck it up (with a paper straw) if it means that one less ocean, lake, river or sea creature doesn't have to die on my conscience.

If the Governor has his way, the Styrofoam ban would include 'containers for prepared food at restaurants, grocery stores, delis and food trucks' as well as packing peanuts.

There are some times I feel Governor No-No is overstepping his bounds, but that's a different article for a different day.  But this is common sense and I hope the people of New York don't give him too much shit for this. Ban the plastic crap, let's protect and care for our and respect our environment, and make the world a better place for our kids.  Pretty simple.

Oh, and if you lowered our state taxes, that would be awesome too!


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