This was definitely a challenge, and I mean that in a positive way.  I actually didn't sleep the night before worrying that I was going to fail miserably.  How do you rhyme Spanish words when you don't know Spanish?  GULP.  Mrs. Gordon's class to the rescue! 

greenwich class shot
Joy Gortdon
greenwich 2
photo by Joy Gordon

This turned out so well!  Why was I concerned in the least? This talented class of seventh graders was ready to write and help me through a crash course in "Spanglish" at the same time. Time now for the song about their escuela de mods (cool school).

This is the actual broadcast for you who missed it

Escuela de moda (a cool school)

Our school is cool

Jugamos pelota (we play ball) in the gym

Greenwich Brujas (Witches) always win

Whether on the field or in the gym

El fútbol (soccer), el béisbol (baseball)

El baloncesto (basketball) too

Bring the game

We’ll show what we can do!

Advanced classes,

Banda y coro (band and chorus) too

So many things that we can do

Our escuela (school) is the best

When it comes to taking tests

Conciertos (concerts) and Drama

And Spanglish is fun

This is what makes Greenwich #1

As we said before

This school is very cool

If you go to Greenwich

You certainly aren’t a fool


 (I'm not going to fight that last line -  You guys ARE the best.  Thanks for letting me be a part of your class! (I should say -"Gracias!"

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