This is going to be a labor of love.  All I need are 2 more schools to make this songwriting dream a reality

Here's the plan.  I want to visit four different schools in the Capital Region within the next two weeks and create the ultimate "We Can't Stand Any More Winter – Bring On Spring" song with Capital Region elementary school children.

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I already have two booked. If I can get to others, I will have one class right the first first, the second class will write the chorus, the third class will write an additional verse, the fourth class will create the ending -and through the magic of digital technology, I will go into the studio (my ultimate labor of love) and edit the whole thing together.  It'll look something like this on the computer.

You can go in there and take out all the mistakes with your cursor and "sew" the whole thing together.

So if you want in on this project,  please submit the name your school, a contact person, grade level, and number of kids in the class.  I will get back to you.  It's free by the way, but you have to be a teacher to sign up.  Here's the handy submission form

Come on - let's get the kids to SING to bring on SPRING! - Brought to you by the Reading, Writing and Rhyming Tour.