An arrest has been made where people have been trying to pass counterfeit money in the Capital Region, thanks to an alert clerk. But Police warn that the fake bills could be all over our area. According to CBS 6, a very alert Rensselaer Rite Aid employee noticed that the money thieves were trying to use to buy hundreds of dollars worth of products were fake. The threesome are from downstate and they have been in the Capital Region using the fake cash for a long time.

When the clerk called the thieves out on the counterfeit cash, he alerted police and they took off. There was a high speed pursuit and they were later apprehended. Authorities say they have been working their scheme all across the area from quite some time at big box stores buying gift cards with the fake money.

The Secret Service is also involved in the investigation to try and determine how far the the counterfeit bills have gone through our area.

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