Another town gets a song.  Another labor of love.  I couldn't have done it without the input from you, our faithful listeners, however…  Here's your song, Fort AnnIt's Washington County's hidden treasure.  It's Fort Ann, NY.  It actually has a lot of history, which I was unaware of until you Facebookers chimed in.  Special thanks to Sue Boguki for her reams and reams of info!  (Remember, I just rhyme the info given to me, so if there is sarcasm here, don't blame me.  It's all in fun, people!!!)  -Lyrics under the video.

     Lyrics ©2015 Richie Phillips
      All Rights Reserved
I get a big smile on my face
When I see a brand new pizza place
There's always a new one planned
when you go to Fort Ann
Both of our sports teams are real great
They're now both champions in the state
To mention this unfair
 the smell of cow poop in the air (it's over there!)
At one time there were 2 antique stores and they were both got knocked down
Route 4's so busy you can hardly drive right through town
If it wasn't for this town, America might not be free
Was the site of the Revolutionary War
I neglected to mention that before
A heck of a lot of history can be found
Yea, that's my kind of town
Sue Boguki says the Boars Nest is the best bar around
Yea that's our kind of town
And I could tell you so much more
there's a real nice store that's on route 4
It'll open your eyes
cuz they sell farm supplies
Sue Boguki says the Boars Nest is the best place to be
In the village is the Old Stone House Library
That was a gift given from the Knapp family
2 motels, a hotel, parachutes in the sky
you can see them in the summer on 149
Yea that's my kind of town
That's my kind of town
That's your song from 'GNA
(and Rhymin' Richie1)
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