A current NBA player and former Shen basketball standout had a surprise moment following his game last night when his boyhood idol did something he could only dream about.

Kevin Huerter of the NBA's Atlanta Hawks is playing meaningful minutes and becoming a solid NBA player in only his rookie season.  Dwayne Wade, a future NBA Hall of Famer has taken notice of his game and also learned that Huerter idolized him growing up; wearing his shoes and the same jersey number '3'.

Wade didn't want to let the moment escape him, so following the game he sought out the former Shen standout and offered to exchange jersey's with him, a ritual many players do as a show of respect an admiration.  Wade even shouted out the neophyte in his post-game interview.

Photos were snapped and then the veteran and rookie had a brief exchange at mid-court before going their separate ways.  A blip in the memory bank for a sure-fire Hall of Famer Wade, but one that will resonate and last with the local standout for quite some time.

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