Upstate NY Bids Hard for NBA Team
Could the NBA's Toronto Raptors be coming to Upstate New York for the upcoming season?  If city officials have their way (and they're pushing hard)  it's a strong possibility.
I Truly Hope That Siena Loses It’s Best Player
Look, I want the Siena College men's basketball team to be a powerhouse for many years to come. Losing it's best player, Jalen Pickett, would certainly put a damper on hopes and expectations.  But, this isn't about just basketball.  This is a about a young man pursuing his d…
Clifton Park’s Kevin Huerter Taken 19th Overall In NBA Draft
A dream come true for Shenedehowa grad Kevin Huerter. After all the speculation about where the former Shen Plainsmen turned Maryland star where land in Thursday nights NBA draft, the wait is finally over. The Clifton Park star will begin his NBA career with the Atlanta Hawks with the 19th overall p…
Free Tacos Wednesday Afternoon
If you were watching the NBA finals for a different reason other than cheering on your favorite team, your wish came true. The road team won and now we all get free tacos. Here's how.
Get Free Tacos Even If You Not A Basketball Fan
I am a huge sports fan but not a big fan of the NBA. I appreciate the game of basketball and how awesome LaBron James and Steph Curry are. But I will definitely be watching the NBA finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors this year because we could all be rewarded with fr…
Here’s Why You Should Touch Your Co-Workers More
So maybe you're not into it when Larry from accounting gives you an impromptu shoulder rub at the water cooler... fine, I get it, but there is actually scientific proof that sometimes reaching out and touching your co-workers is a good idea...

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