Because I’ve always lived in the Albany area, I’ve seen so many changes through the years.

Northway Mall Sign With Northway Shopping Center Sign
New Northway Shopping Center Sign

Besides seeing things like the recently constructed roundabouts on Fuller Road in Albany, and the brand new Shop Rite and Clubhouse Race Book replacing the OTB Teletheater on Central Avenue, also in Albany, there’s been a change in Colonie. Last week, I noticed two beams at the entrance / exit of Northway Mall. As the week progressed, I finally saw the new sign.  It’s a new name for the former Northway Mall. It is now called Northway Shopping Center. I was curious to find out more, so I did a little research and found a story in the Times Union about the change.

There are those of us that can remember when the mall was built, which was about 1971, and then seeing most of it torn down and converted to an open-air shopping mall. That change happened about 1999. It brought back memories of going to the mall after school and on the weekends and playing air hockey or pinball in the arcade called Time Out Tunnel. Also going to the department store - E.J. Korvettes to buy the latest records. (They had one of the best selections of music). That was the one anchor store. The other was Almart which eventually changed to Montgomery Wards. For a while, my dad had a part time job as a security guard there. Let’s not forget about the Cine 10 movie theaters.

Northway Shopping Center

Northway Shopping Center is now home to Target, JoAnn, Etc., Empire Wine, Lowes and BJ’s Wholesale Club. Just a little side note - David’s Bridal is the only part remaining from the original structure of the Northway Mall.

I’m glad they actually made a change for the better. Now if they would only change that one section of the parking lot, that would be fantastic.


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