Vinyl Records.  Those were those round things with the hole in them that were placed on a spinning round turntable thingy.  Anybody???   We almost threw ours out at the radio station, but cooler heads prevailed, I guess--THANK GOD!!

I guess feelings of nostalgia are signs that you are old (getting there), but I really miss albums.  Just the artwork alone was so much more enjoyable.  And when you took the cellophane off and opened up your brand new purchase, they used to have color inserts, lyrics that were big enough to actually read, artist profiles--and you could hang the album cover right on your wall in your bedroom.  Try that with your mp3 player!!

Thunder Country Album Cover

Here's an example of a nice cover that I found lying around the production studio.  Look at how well that was done!  It is so much better for the artist to show their talents on a bigger "canvas".  How about the classic Sgt. Pepper Album cover?  To see that on a CD is so.... anticlimatic!

Well  fear not, vinyl hoarders, because vinyl is far from dead.  In fact they are finding out that vinyl has become a savior for the small independent record stores that would have been long dead by now.    In fact, do you want to crack up laffing?  Read this statistic from

According to recent Nielsen SoundScan numbers, vinyl was the fastest-growing musical format in 2010, with 2.8 million units sold, the format's best year since SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991.

Well, sorry Dorrie, but those stacks of albums in the garage?  They're staying!  And my turntable at home?  Staying exactly where it is--although I might have to remove the stack of magazines that are piled on the dustcover!

WGNA Turntable
photo by Richie Phillips

(Isn't this turntable perty?  It's in the WGNA Studio collecting dust-but not for long!)

And PS--to Vinnie, one of my old suite mates at Oneonta State in the early '70's who would only play a newly purchased vinyl album ONCE before recording the material onto a cassette so that the album would be in pristine condition, I apologize 40 years late for busting your chops.  You probably are now living in the Bahamas somewhere right now laughing your butt off!

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