Parking lots can be a challenge on a normal level. I can only imagine that it may be a challenge for an engineer to design one. You probably think that it can’t be that difficult. All you do is take an area where people will be parking their cars, mark out the driving areas for an entrance, exit and the parking spaces. I know there's a lot more involved to do this. People go to school for this.

That Stupid Peninsula

Well here’s one little design that I just don’t understand and think this had to be one of the worst ideas ever. It’s the parking lot at the Northway Mall, in Colonie. A few years ago, when they were redesigning and rebuilding the mall, they also did the parking lot. They did a good job when they fixed it up, and put some great stores in it. The lot itself was, and still is fine.

It’s the driveway after you enter the mall, when you turn left from Central Avenue.  After you pull in to the lot, you drive behind the pet store, and then turn right.

This Is The Place

As you approach the exit to go back onto Central or to drive straight ahead, you have to maneuver around this stupid little peninsula instead of driving straight ahead. You'll run into it coming from the other direction, too.

I do not understand why it’s designed this way, but anytime I get to this area, I just want to find the person that designed this and smack them in the head and ask, "what were you thinking." No, I don’t need anger management, until I get to this area.

I know I’m not the only person who feels this way. Everyone knows once I start to talk about it. So what parking lots do you think have a stupid or even a dangerous design?

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