As the weather has been changing, this weekend seemed like the perfect time to take advantage of a rainy fall evening. So Saturday, Bethany and I set the night aside for a little drinkable education.

We tested and tried out a couple different drinks that I found online via various recipe sites. Getting into the spirit of a new season is always fun and with Halloween parties around the corner, these just might be the perfect addition to your menu!

My favorite of what we tried out was the Warm Caramel Apple Martini. There's something about the blend of the apple cider with vodka that gives the warmth, along with the caramel for the added sweet that made it stand out to me. Maybe it'll be your favorite, too!

Try 'em out! The drink recipes are linked below:

Apple Pie Bourbon Shots credit: Marissa and Bethany

Apple Pie Bourbon Shots

Witches Heart Martini credit: Marissa and Bethany

Witches Heart Martini

Caramel Apple Martini credit: Marissa and Bethany

Caramel Apple Martini