It's Apple Picking Season!
Can you believe it? It is already September! To some, it's all about the chilly weather, the Pumpkin Spice and the changing of the leaves! To me, it's all about apple picking! That is the one thing I always look forward to as summer is winding down.
Tips For Returning Those Unwanted Gifts
Chances are we got what we wanted this holiday season. However, there are some gifts that need to be returned. Here are the stores that have strict and easy return policies plus tips about returning the gift.
Apple Picking Adventures with My Family
We went apple picking today, and despite the wind, it was a beautiful fall day!  My kids only argued with each other on the way there and on the way home!  So I'm gonna consider it a win!
I was afraid we would be too late!  I was nervous that the prime pumpkin and apple picking was over, but we were …
How Your Favorite Fall Smell Can Help Your Health
Fall is here!  This morning Sean and I discussed some of your favorite fall smells and how they can actually benefit you and your health!
Here are some of the best ones, according to an article at Huffington Post -
1.  Cinnamon.  N...
Bethany’s Favorite Yummy Salad
This morning I told Sean about my new favorite super yummy salad... and he promptly gagged while I was describing the ingredients!
But I know my salad, and this is a super yummy salad!
I'm about to give you the recipe, but I'm not really into following directions, so there are lots of variat…

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