Easy Summer Treat To Make With Your Kids
Chances are you will hear, "I'm bored" about a thousand times a day during the summer. You will probably be invited to a bunch of picnics and parties too. Well now you can combine the help of your kids with a delicious summer treat.
5 Reasons I Cant Wait For Countryfest 2018
For so many years, I had heard about how awesome Countryfest was and last year I finally got to experience it.  Wow.  It certainly lived up to the hype and now that I've got one under my belt there are few things in particular I'm really forward to as Countryfest 2018 on July 7th…
Matty Jeff Talks Partying With Luke Bryan At SB Party (AUDIO)
Our very own Matty Jeff partied with the Luke Bryan at an exclusive Super Bowl party.  He shared intimate details Monday morning with Chrissy, Jess and me. Groggy from a late night, he answered hard hitting questions about food, gambling, bathroom usage, and whether or not he was tempted to ste…
The Ultimate 4th of July Country Playlist Must Haves
Chances are you've been celebrating all through the weekend, it's leaking into Monday, which may or may not be a "sick" day for you to lead into the actual 4th of July. But, while some just throw the radio on and hope for the best, or put their iPod on shuffle or let Pand…

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