In honor of the upcoming Health and Beauty Expo (information right here), I have decided to try to make a change from my former self- the person always looking for the easy way out when it comes to exercising.  These are the exercises that I do now


This is my daily ritual.  It's the five finger stretch.  Very very good for the digits and the wrist.  Sometimes it cramps my thumb, so I have to continue to do this throughout the morning.  For you that don't play the piano, you can easily use a computer keyboard.










Next for me is the "weather reach out" .  I try to stretch my arm when reaching for the weather script given each day by Steve Caporizzo.    It's very good for the elbow, and it does help the thumb problem (see keyboard stretch for comments)








And don't forget the leg muscles.  I do the trash stomp.  Very good for the feet, ankles, shinbone (which is connected to the anklebone, and the anklebone .....nevermind)

Not enough- I know.  That's why I'm going to the expo.  I hope you do too.  See you there!