Sean and I talked about this disgusting list this morning!  We know stuff is gross, like pretty much all the stuff in the world.  And you KNOW your phone is filthy.  But these 10 other grossest things might surprise you.

1.  Your toothbrush.  Just putting it away while it's still wet helps bacteria grow.

2.  Salt and pepper shakers.  The ones in restaurants are the worst.

3.  Your keyboard.  It's impossible to keep bacteria off it.  And you don't clean it enough.  Imagine what your mouse has on it!

4.  Light switches.  If people at work turn the lights on and off in the bathroom, the switch is probably filthy. Luckily the light in our bathroom at work has a motion sensor!

5.  Dish towels, unless you use new ones every few days.  For the record, I do get a new one every couple of days!

6.  The faucet on your kitchen sink.  It's worse than the one in your bathroom, because it's also exposed to things like salmonella when you cook. Ew!

7.  Your remote control.  When was the last time you cleaned it?  And you probably eat while you watch TV, so a lot of bacteria can build up.  Gross and hotel remotes are even worse!

8.  Throw pillows.  People never wash them, and they can get gross even faster than the pillows on your bed, because they don't have pillowcases, and everyone uses them, even the dog!

9.  Your seatbelt.  It's another thing you never clean.  Hmmmmm...

10.  Your car stereo is another one . . . which is why you should always leave your radio firmly planted on 107.7 'GNA!

Now get out there and try not to get sick!

TDI)/Cover/Getty Images
TDI)/Cover/Getty Images

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