I'm pretty sure there are worse things you can find inside your Whopper when you bite into it, but a cockroach is right up there at the top of the list.  That's what allegedly happened to a man in Florida recently.  He claims he was about 3 or 4 bites into his sandwich when the disturbing discovery was made.

Insects, especially roaches, are some of the worst things to find in food.  I once found a fly attached to a frozen chicken tender that I was about to cook for dinner.  It must have happened at the packaging plant. Luckily for me, it happened before I cooked it and I was never really in danger of biting into it.  Nonetheless, It was awful.  I took photos of it, sent it to the food company and they responded with an apology and a bunch of coupons.  No thank you.  The last thing I want is more lousy packages of your meat.

The same happened when a man claimed to have found a roach in his Whopper.  According to News 10 ABC, Brian Garman from Panama City, Florida saw it and immediately complained.

But what's a BK manager to do?

According to the story, they offered an apology and 'a replacement meal but unfortunately that's not something I'm interested in," said Garmon. He can never unsee a roach in his burger, just like I can never unsee a black fly frozen into a chicken tender.

Thank you for the apology, but please, keep your coupon.


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