We are in the middle of a very bad flu season and it seems we will do anything to stay healthy. Now researchers are saying that a certain light can kill the germs of the flu virus.Researchers at Columbia University say that a special ultraviolet light called UV-C can help us all stay healthy during this terrible flu season. This isn't the first time that this light has helped kill germs. Retailers are selling these light "wands" to kill germs on cell phones and to sterilize toothbrushes.

A new study claims that the ultraviolet-C light can kill the flu virus without harming human skin like normal ultraviolet rays. These studies found that airborne strains of the flu in open public places were eliminated by the light.

This isn't the first time the light has been used. It was tested on the MRSA superbug and it killed that bacteria without harming the human skin.

Something tells me that we will be changing all of the lighting in our house to UV-C if Jenn has her way. Oh and I'm sure in no time I will be carrying the light wand.

Hey I will do anything to never get the flu again!

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