We already know that ticks are out in full force this season. Now the CDC has made me not want to eat muffins ever again because of it.  In an effort to illustrate that ticks come in all shapes and sizes, the Center For Disease Control (CDC) has put up a picture of a muffin daring you to find the ticks on it. I have to admit, I understand the thinking of the CDC, but now I am completely grossed out and will never be able to look at a poppy seed muffin the same way again without combing through it. Take a look for yourself.

Oh and by the way, I WAS able to locate all five of the ticks, which makes this incredibly disgusting. Now when I get poppy seed dressing or anything that may have pepper on it, I will be examining every bit of my food. Thanks, CDC!!

On another note, to protect yourself from ticks, no matter how small, click here for tips and information.

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