REPORT: Nastiest Thing You Touch All Day Is Inside Your Car
When you think of things you're constantly in contact with that could be littered with germs and bacteria, what comes to mind?  Most likely it's a doorknob, toilet seat or cell phone; but those answers would be incorrect. Turns out, they pale in comparison to something else that we to…
Special Light Can Kill Flu Virus
We are in the middle of a very bad flu season and it seems we will do anything to stay healthy. Now researchers are saying that a certain light can kill the germs of the flu virus.
You’ve Been Washing Your Hands Wrong… Until Now
No wonder Madelyn, my 9 year old had a sore throat last weekend, I've been teaching her the wrong way to wash her hands!!
Researchers in Scotland recently found that just soaping them up and rubbing them together leaves a lot of bacteria behind...
Ew! Here Are the 10 Grossest Things You Touch Everyday
Sean and I talked about this disgusting list this morning!  We know stuff is gross, like pretty much all the stuff in the world.  And you KNOW your phone is filthy.  But these 10 other grossest things might surprise you.
1.  Your toothbrush...
Uh Oh, Your Beard is as Dirty as a Toilet! Ew!
It's so chic to have a hipster beard right now.  But, what if I told you that beard could be holding onto some pretty serious fecal matter?
A TV station in Albuquerque, New Mexico wanted to find out just how gross things are in men's beards...