I have no idea when or why things changed when buying board games and fun family games. I was shopping this weekend and couldn't believe the titles and the games that are out now. The majority of them had to do with bodily functions. We love to play all sorts of card and board games in our house. Yes some of the titles and games have changed but it seems that it's gotten out of hand and just down right gross.

As I was shopping yesterday, the store had twenty percent off all games. I went over to the section and started looking at the titles. There were the classic ones we all know and love, Monopoly, Operation, Clue, Battleship. But then I hit a shelf that had the most disgusting titles I had ever seen. Here's what I came upon:

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

From left to right the games are: Pimple Pete (a pimple popping game), Gooey Louie (you pick his nose), Gas Out (something to do with farting), and Toilet Trouble (you stick your head in the toilet, get splashed and lose). What are these games?!

Maybe I am just getting old. I think these are gross. Thanks but our family will be playing a nice game of UNO later followed by Trouble.

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