Get ready for the shipping wars to begin. We are an Amazon Prime household and we learned this week that they are offering one-day shipping just in time for the holidays. But we are taking advantage of it now. Here are a few items we are going to buy for our son that he needs now. According to Good Morning America, with the holiday shopping season shorter between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, Amazon is making it more convenient to ship your items even the same day you order.

Prime members across the country can choose from free one-day delivery on over ten million items with a purchase of $35 or more. We plan on taking advantage of this with a few things that our eight-year-old son can use. He just started basketball, indoor flag football, and indoor baseball. Plus we can add some toys and games that he has been eyeing. We will definitely save some money using this free shipping service.

Here are the top five items we are going to buy using Amazon Prime One-Day Free Shipping. As Amazon Associates, we earn on qualifying purchases.

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