Let me repeat.  Really? Really?  Is there anyone in America, young or old who thinks this is funny?  I'm steaming right now even thinking about it.  (Oh - I haven't explained what happened yet.  Sorry)

According to a story in the Times Union this morning, 3 people are charged in - are you  ready?- putting up a barricade of pumpkins on route 9J -which is a two lane road between Rensselaer and Columbia counties.  There are very few lights, and it gets pretty foggy there.

Fox Hosts "Animation Domination" Pumpkin Patch Takeover
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A college kid was allegedly was driving home from Castleton and pummeled the pumpkins.  There was a row of 30 pound gargantuans lined up waiting for some poor victim.   There's a whole story behind it and that you can read here.

I didn't have to read any more.  I hate to be a kill joy, but I've never been a big fan of this holiday.  You don't see people lighting Christmas trees and leaving them on porches, or throwing Easter eggs at windows.  Why is it always this holiday that brings out the deviance in people?  It's supposed to be FUN, people.  Stop the madness!



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