If you're headed up to Lake George anytime soon, you may or may not notice some of the changes to the men and women who make up the Lake George Marine Patrol. For the first time in 50 years, they'll be carrying pistols in an attempt to better secure the safety of those enoying the lake as well as themselves. A sure sign of the times.

"Protect and serve" that's what our law enforcement professionals swear to do.  But these days, it's not only about protecting patrons, there's a need for these men and women to be able to protect themselves. That’s the reason why Lake George Marine Patrol officers are now carrying batons and pistols for the first time in 50 years according to Newschannel 13

"The commission decided to be proactive rather than reactive," Lake George Park Commission Marine Patrol Lieutenant Joe Johns said. "Over the past five years or so we've been answering a lot more serious calls" he told the news station.

He claims that the patrolers never really know what kind of incident they're responding to and that in recent years they've seen an escalated usage of drugs out on the lake, dealt with more domestic incidents and even subdued a guy running around with an ax.



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