PAMELA ANDERSON has a new line of boots out and since she's one of the most outspoken animal rights activists in pop culture today, it makes sense that they're vegan.

But what IS surprising is that they're made out of recycled TV screens.  Yes, TV screens. She says she's been working on them for 15 years.

Apprently she's been working on the boots for 15 years and battle lots of people who thought she was crazy.  But, they look pretty normal, and actually kind of cute, so I guess she's getting the last laugh.

They're called "Pammies," because apparently that's what people once called Uggs, which she made a thing back when she was on Baywatch.  She feels guilty about all that now, because Uggs are made out of 'shearling,'  which is a skin from a recently sheared sheep or lamb.  Ouch.

If you want a pair under the tree, they'll cost you between $300 and $500.  For more info -

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