Love Cowboy Helps Couple ‘Meat’ In The Middle (AUDIO)
Karl in Lansingburgh has been with his girlfriend for a few years and after watching a few food documentaries, she had a change of heart about what she wants to put into her body.  She's trying to convince Karl to become a vegan, and while she not pressuring him to maintain this new lifestyle, he's concerned that if she stays the course, it could cause some problems.  Love Cowboy weighed in on a p
NY School Serves Children Vegetarian Lunches
Public School 244 in Flushing, Queens became the first elementary school in the U.S. to offer students a completely vegetarian menu!  Pretty crazy, right? But, it's been about six months, and the results are remarkable! Some of the meals offered were black bean and cheddar quesadillas, veggie wraps, and organic roasted tofu...
Carrie Underwood Goes Vegan… Again
Carrie Underwood has subscribed to a vegetarian lifestyle for seven years, due to the increased health benefits of a meat-free diet. The ‘Good Girl’ singer has revealed that she is taking things a step further and is about “95 percent vegan” at this point. That means she is attempting to develop a diet completely devoid of any animal products, which includes dairy, honey and more.