Stewart's Shops are as synonymous with the Capital Region as Freihofer Cookies and The Egg. Well, Stewart's is making news again by announcing a new ice cream.

Remember when Stewart's Shops said that they were going to start making vegan ice cream? They gave us one flavor of Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and then we never heard about it again - until now. News 10 is announcing that Stewart's will be releasing a new vegan flavor to add to their growing vegan options.

This Monday, Stewart's will add Mint Cookie Crumble to their new options for vegan ice cream at their locations. In an announcement yesterday, they said that after the release of the first flavor, there has been a high demand for additional flavors.

According to the article, "Stewart’s says Mint Cookie Crumble features the classic combination of coconut-based mint and chocolate. The plant-based version keeps the cookie crumble fudge swirls of the traditional, milk-based fan-favorite."

So, it looks as if fans of the original or vegans/those lactose-intolerant who have heard about the deliciousness of the fan-favorite flavor, will get the same delicious flavor with the new non-dairy option.

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