You saw it online and now it's coming local with the first seating already sold out! I can't imagine what the "Impossible Burger" tastes like.

Farmer's Hardware in Saratoga has a unique opportunity, to try the "Impossible Burger" that's been trending from California. Tickets are on sale now and the first seating was so popular, it's already sold out and they had to open a second. A $20 ticket gets you fries, a beer, and one "Impossible Burger."

What makes it so impossible? It's meatless. I know what you're thinking, what's so impressive about that? Well this isn't just any meatless burger, it apparently not only looks and tastes like real meat but has red juices made of beet juice to look like the juices from a meat burger.

According to the Albany Business Review, "the burgers are made of wheat, coconut oil, potatoes and heme. It's the heme that makes the burgers look and ooze like a burger." Heme is a kind of iron and apparently that's the magical key ingredient.

Tickets are available online for the private tasting experience this Thursday, January 11th , get your tickets quick before they sell out!

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