We all remember Crossgates Mall on November 12th. Hearing of the news that there was a shooting, knowing I could have had family or friends there was terrifying, I couldn't imagine being there myself. Now, Apple Store surveillance video has been released to the public.It's horrifying to relive but you can see from this footage just how scary it was to just be going about a normal day to hear gun shots nearby. Even though this video is silent you can see the exact moment people realized what was going on. This video was provided by the District Attorney's office to WNYT since the trial is over, it's the exact video shown to the jury of that day.

People ran away, some fell to their knees, a poor woman nearly dumped her child out of the stroller trying to get them to safety, you can just see the panic. The shooter, 20 year old Tasheem Maeweather, will spend up to 7 years in prison for what the judge called "dangerous chaos." They are already in the process of appealing.

I wasn't even there and it's hard for me to watch, it's only okay since we know now, after the fact, that nobody was killed by this terrible act. I only hope that the people who were there and witnessed it first-hand, can move on from this terrible act.

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