Bathroom Note In Area School Threatens Shooting 'Tomorrow'
Another disturbing note left in an area high school bathroom today has investigators looking into the credibility of the threat.  The note, about a school shooting planned 'tomorrow' has officials deliberating whether or not to keep the school open on Wednesday.
How We in NY Can Help Those In Las Vegas
I've been watching the news all day trying to figure out every detail, trying to figure out how someone could do this and even so many hours later I can't wrap my head around it.
Tension High Between Police And Residents After Troy Shooting
These are very tense times we live in, there's no doubt about it. With as much racial divide as there is a political divide in our country, things are being ramped up here locally as a 22-year-old man was shot last night in Troy. Residents shouted at police officers while they manned the scene, but …
Crossgates Mall Shooting New Surveillance Video [VIDEO]
We all remember Crossgates Mall on November 12th. Hearing of the news that there was a shooting, knowing I could have had family or friends there was terrifying, I couldn't imagine being there myself. Now, Apple Store surveillance video has been released to the public.
Alleged Crossgates Shooter Heads to Trial
Tasheem Maeweather. The name might sound familiar for some and ingrained in the brain of others who were at Crossgates Mall back in November when gunfire rang out. Maeweather, the alleged shooter wasn't in custody until a couple of days after the shooting which left people concerned that danger was …
Time To Do Away With Facebook Live
As I sit here and write this, a cold bloodied killer is on the loose after shooting an innocent 74 year old man on Facebook Live over the weekend.  Enough is enough,  it's time for Facebook Live to step up, and shut it down.

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