I know what you're thinking, "how about some stores filling those vacant spots within the mall?" I know. I think they're currently working on that with murals plastered on the white walls asking us to guess who's coming soon. So, time will tell on what amazing shopping opportunities they do bring us.

In the meantime there is news of Crossgates Mall in Albany wanting to expand their business into that of the hotel world. If their wish is granted, it would be a rather large establishment, as well with approximately 200-rooms! They're just awaiting rezoning approval from town officials.

I see this as being good in a couple of ways. Let me explain:

1) I believe this could be a perk for those tourists coming to visit our beautiful Capital Region. What better than having a hotel attached to a large shopping mall with plenty of eating options without having to explore too much after traveling in or getting ready to travel out?

2) Bethany and I took a shopping trip to the outlets around the holidays and wanted to make sure we were able to take our time and have some fun while doing that shopping. So, instead of rushing around, we ended up getting a hotel room, stayed over night and shopped over the course of a couple of days getting the majority of our shopping done. This could be perfect for big sale events like Black Friday, when typically not much sleeping is had. Grab a room and get up at the crack of dawn and already be where you need to be!

I like to focus on the positives, I think that's pretty evident. But who knows, it could bring some new life to the mall!

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