This is never good. You think you're safe, just getting some gas, and then you find out one of your gas stations had a credit card skimmer and could've taken your information.

I don't have one gas station in particular that I go to, just whichever seems cheapest and whichever I'm nearest when I realize I need gas. The minute I saw that a Schenectady gas station was found with a credit card skimmer, I felt heart palpitations.

Based on an article from the Times Union, two gas pumps at the Sunoco station on Erie Boulevard would found to have credit card skimming devices. Employees at the Sunoco (127 Erie Blvd) found them on the two devices closest to the road while performing routine maintenance. The problem is, they don't really have any idea how long they've been there. Schenectady Police are asking people to double check their statements and look for fraudulent activity and for businesses to double check their pumps as well, just in case this wasn't an isolated incident.


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