I realize that wild animals are all around us. They live nearby in the woods behind neighborhoods and homes, but we don't always see them during the day walking up and down driveways in the Capital Region.  As I was scrolling through Facebook, I noticed a video of coyotes roaming a neighborhood in Loudonville. It really is fascinating. They walk up and down driveways looking for food. It's pretty scary since coyotes will eat anything. They will prey on small pets, birds, rodents and even attack children and adults.

Loudonville residents please be aware because they are now being seen more during the day. Protect yourself, your family and your pets.

If you see these coyotes around your neighborhood, please do not approach or try to lure them in. Call authorities or animal control and stay inside your home or vehicle until they arrive. Residents believe that the coyotes den is very close to the neighborhood where they have been seen.

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