Beware of Coyotes in North Greenbush
It's that time of year to be on the lookout for wild animals coming close to residences looking for food. The North Greenbush Police Department is warning residents to be aware of numerous coyote sightings. Here's what they know.
Local Farm: Mountain Lion Slaughtered My Sheep
The DEC says the vicious attack of 7 sheep on a local farm was the work of coyotes, but the owners of the farm where the incident occurred in Albany County have reason to believe it was a mountain lion.  The owners have spoken out and they say nobody believes them raising concerns about farmers…
Coyotes Roaming Loudonville Neighborhood
I realize that wild animals are all around us. They live nearby in the woods behind neighborhoods and homes, but we don't always see them during the day walking up and down driveways in the Capital Region.