That's right - 6 zeros. A 2 Meeeeeeelion dollar bill for an Oregon couple from good old Verizon.  A slight computer glitch, dontcha think?  Funny, huh?  Well, not so much because this poor couple was applying for a mortgage… More below

According to the, Ken Slusher had a very bad day. He checked his Verizon account balance on a whim one day and found out that he owed $2.2 million. He actually got a series of wrong bills.

He got a little worried because he was trying to buy a house and didn't want it to interfere (you know how touchy they get). Check this out. Here's the actual guy with the actual recorded message.

Sorry, Verizon, but I got a good giggle out of this one.  You mean to tell me noone caught this as soon as it happened?  Isn't there some kind of red flag just as soon as they find out that the company might be owed $2 million dollars?

Amazing - just amazing.  I guess this was rectified, by the way.  Glad to hear.  LOL