Many of us have been Verizon cell phone customers for years. If you are too, you may be getting some money back. A class-action lawsuit has Verizon paying out one hundred million dollars because of deception in their contracts.

Verizon Reports Strong Earnings On iPhone Contracts
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What Does The Lawsuit Claim?

The lawsuit claims that all U.S. Verizon customers, past and present, who used postpaid wireless or data services between January 1, 2016, and November 8, 2023, were affected. These customers will receive part of the $100 million settlement.

What Is A Postpaid Plan?

This involves monthly billing based on contract agreements. Those who qualify for compensation would have received notification by mail or email.

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How Do You Get Compensated?

To claim your share, if you are eligible, submit a claim online with the required ID and confirmation code before the April 15th deadline.

How Much Will You Receive & How Do You Get It?

Payments will start at a minimum of fifteen dollars for eligible members and then increase by one dollar based on your Verizon customer status. The maximum payout will be one hundred dollars. Once the settlement is finalized, checks will be sent out or electronic transfers will be given.

What Is Verizon Doing To Change It?

Verizon has agreed to improve its disclosure of administrative fee charges in the customer agreement as part of the settlement terms. However, they are maintaining the disputed fees.

Verizon has nearly ninety-three million wireless retail postpaid connections along with nearly thirty million business division customers. The one hundred million dollars will be dispersed to the customers that qualify.

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