"America's most reliable network" has yet to publicly acknowledge the outage, but many Verizon users in the Northeast have been experiencing a variety of issues today.

Several sources report that many Verizon customers have complained that they can't send text messages or place phone calls and that 'circuits are busy'.  On the Verizon outage map, several areas are highlighted on the US map where there have been reported issues. The worst of the outages in New York, are more downstate and several throughout the Northeast.  There is a shaded yellow area in Albany that suggests that locals may have had some issues as well.

Brian Cody
Verizon Outage Map as of 1140 ET

I'm a Verizon user currently in Schenectady and I have had no issues.  In fact, I got every text and email that was supposed to come my way including some from bosses and my girlfriend that, quite frankly, I wish I did not get!

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