A fantastic oountry trio came through these parts recently, and Albany, NY may never be the same.  They left a huge trail of GOOD VIBES in it's wake.  I'm talking about the members of "The Farm"

The very friendly "Farmers" are Nick Hoffman, Damien Horne and Krista Marie.  You may recognize Nick - he was the phenomenal fiddle player for YEARS in  Kenny Chesney's band. Damien was part of the Muzik Mafia, which you can read about in Wikipedia - they were the group that hatched the careers of Big and Rich. He also toured with John Legend and is an ordained minister, according to the Chicago Tribune.com.  Krista is a certified wild woman (in a good way).  She was a stunt double in Hollywood and a MOTOCROSS CHAMPION!   What a gorgeous voice, and equally gorgeous lady.  Between the three of them, the talent here is just "off the charts".

In case you can't tell, I'm flipping out about this group and how amazing they were on stage at the Rising Stars Concert Series at the GE Theatre.   And if that weren't enough, witnessing what they did at O'Toole's Restaurant in Colonie was the icing on the cake.  Check this out.

What a great time.  People were coming up to them right and left after the lunch and showing their appreciation.  It was a very interesting and quite moving experience being with them

They also paid peoples' grocery bills at Price Chopper AND filled up tanks for free at the nearby Mobil station in Colonie, NY.

We had a blast.  Makes you want to go out there and "Pay It Forward" yourself, doesn't it?  I hope so.  Have you done anything for others that you'd like to tell us about?  Go ahead- BRAG in the comment section!






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